Social Media Management


Sure, you advertise your company every day on Facebook and Instagram, but are you reaching the most optimal crowd? Your family and friends are definitely impressed with your grit and resolve, but what about the masses of other potential clients you don’t happen to know personally? Look no further than Juniper Group. We not only provide access to an enormous new segment of customers, but we’ll even manage your social media account as well. When combined with SEO optimization and Ad-Words, your company will be the first option for a multitude of new customers.

Let us take your social media off your plate!

Running a business isn’t a easy task: with countless of things to do on a day to day. Posting on your social media doesn’t have to be one.

Tell Us About Your Company

We need to know important details about your services and products.

Granting Access

Now, we will need access to all of your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc.


Finally, focus on your business and we’ll focus on creating great content for your social media pages.