Case Study


We set out to reinvigorate a company positioned in an industry facing devastating conditions. Juniper Group Media’s influence on the dealership market should propel Newark Toyota World past the competition by enforcing data-driven decision making and display ads that  competition is not utilizing.

Marketing Strategy


Paid Search

Content Marketing


Car dealership positioned in a highly competitive area with antiquated marketing. This dealership is part of a conglomerate that has 4 dealerships within 5 radial miles of each other, all while having hundreds of opposing dealerships in their territory.


Increasing the quality and quantity of online and foot traffic to the dealership was the primary responsibility of JGM. Achieving this mandated a fresh and unique voice applied to paid search, branding, and content. Additionally, the expedient adoption of a cohesive messaging plan was necessary to incorporate a detailed and sophisticated bidding strategy



Antiquated Search

Makes it exceedingly difficult for a local dealer to succeed on a budget.


cost of entry

Credentialed competitors with a big wallet could force a high cost.


Wavering economy

Covid-19 posed governmental and consumer unpredictability.


  • Establish a high quality intender
  • Increase sales funnel efficiency
  • Employ a target focus on exact & phrase matching to reduce overall cost
  • Streamline conversions while capturing market impression share


Making sure the efficiencies were in place to deal with a public concerned with Covid-19 was the most logical first step. We facilitated the online capabilities of scheduling delivery for test drivers, complete online appointments for dealerships, fogging of the cars to sanitize any infections, and the purchase/lease of vehicles in a low-contact fashion was paramount to the success of the strategy.



Evolve Tactically

While pivoting for Covid-19, we must evolve the business model.


cultivate data

Cultivate a sophisticated data to set base decisions


Divide + Conquer

Exact phrase matching offsets large broad based competitors

Newark ToyotaWorld lives in a world that competes with its own family and many of their neighbors during a pandemic that threaten its very own market. With their back against the wall, the preeminent hurdle was choosing the array of platforms, customers, and budget to ensure appropriate targeting and ROI.

First, a new Google Ads Search account was created based off the success of 500k keywords that had been running for 9 years. A keen eye was kept on high performing keywords and meaningful conversions. This helped build a data set that would aid the determinion of demographics, intent, and mosaics we could leverage across other platforms.

We determined that the most appropriate method of establishing a proper baseline for engaging display, OTT, and interactive display marketing was to cast a wide, cost conscious net that identified and captured the most engaged audience. Through creative exploration and rigorous management, we accomplished our goal while attracting the largest, most diverse user base for Newark ToyotaWorld’s website to date.

The last and ongoing stage of our approach had us vet the traffic to the most successful avenues. Juniper Group Media crunched the traffic metrics from HULU, Spotify, Concert, VerizonGemini, OTT Comcast, Google Adwords, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and various other mediums to create a playbook that outshine competition in our target market.


2020 Juniper Group

2019 Before Juniper



From $4.57 to $0.88

Our targeted exact and phrase match search ads reduced out overall CPC.



Beating big budget and national competition thru a sophisticated solution.



Overall increase in web attributed leads while reducing our spend by 2.4%.

The Client outperformed its district consistently.


The results speak for themselves as Newark Toyota World outperformed its district consistently. The quality of traffic ensured that every dollar was spent to attract an engaged audience and our dealership saw enormous growth during a supremely difficult time.

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