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Juniper Group Media has helped HVAC companies gain market share and  increase revenue for years.  Because of our longevity in the space, we understand how to maximize in-season and forecast during the off-season. A partnership with Juniper will result in a stronger online presence, a convertible website, and a responsible and effective ad campaign.

Juniper HVAC Services

Intelligent and affordable Ad Campaigns are the key to success. You need a partner that understands your industry, we are that partner.


Identify new customers and re-engage current. We forecast where service will take place, create engaging content, and manage your google ad campaign daily.  


Heat up your winter with a customer referral plan, intelligent email marketing, or a social media listening campaign. Juniper can help you find new customers who have immediate needs for your service 

Other Juniper Services

We’ve seen a lot of success with YouTube pre-roll campaings and Spotify/Podcasting efforts. These options are cheaper than you think and can greatly increase your brand awareness. 

Increase AC Sales

Sell New Tech

Service More Heaters

Book More Calls

Run More Ducts

Strengthen Your Brand

Get More Customers

Grow Your Business

Grow with Juniper

Juniper Group Media knows how to market HVAC companies. If your current HVAC marketing effort is not showing a return on your investment, ask us for a consult. We take a high level view of your entire operation when forming your tailored HVAC advertising plan.  There’s no market or customer base we can’t crack. Take a look at our service list below

A Premiere Web Experience

Do you have a website that reflects the brand for your HVAC Company. Our HVAC Websites can look as good as this page with tons of integration to help your operation flow smoothly. 

Not only do Juniper Group Media Websites produce results for HVAC companies, but they look great too. Contact us today to upgrade your HVAC site to a web destination you’ll be proud of. 


“The people at Juniper Group Media understood my business and helped me reach new customers “

“With Juniper Group Media I was able to double my AC appointments in season. “

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