Case Study


Family HVAC approached Juniper Group to create a startup HVAC business and attract net new customers and leads. We needed to be efficient, and impactful quickly to ensure sustainability for the company.

Marketing Strategy

Website Development

Paid Search

Content Marketing



A high tech, customer-oriented Heating & Air Conditioning company with over 25 years of experience and knowledge, and the industries best experts, top manufacturers and state of the art technologies. Family utilized feedback from the residential and commercial arena, but still, maintains the old fashioned traditional customer service and respect.


Utilize strategic marketing resources, web services, search expertise to launch a brand new company with an immediate influx of customer leads.



no reputation

Makes it exceedingly difficult for a new player in a saturated market.


cost of entry

Credentialed competitors with a big wallet could force a high cost.


FIrst time Entreprenuer

Requires additional perspective & budget governing.


Establish a high quality intender and simplify the funnel they move through. Employ a targeted focus on exact phrase matching to reduce the overall cost of the streamlined conversion while capturing market impressions share.


Step one is to define the parameters for success. We quickly developed the timelines to hit for our build out in the summer busy season. Next, we determined the most cost effective way to maximize a comparatively low spend was to put the pillars in place to create a highly trusted bramd that breeds referral leads and captures highly intent customers.



Consumer Research

Demograph identity of quality intenders enhances customer journey.


Reputation BUilding

Targeted branding solidifies the company within the marketplace.


Optimize marketing

Exact phrase matching offsets large broad based competitors.

We built our website focusing on a proper and thorough customer journey with an attractive aesthetic, a heavy focus was put on reputation building. Through Google My Business/Reviews, Google Local Services, Yelp, Bing, Print, Social Media Management, and very targeting branding- the company name was beginning to gain clout.

Most importantly. demographic research highly tailored adwords used to offset the broad approaches by larger competitors. An exact phrase match campaign was the minimum budget immensely, as it cut out any attempts to bid on a broader scale against the Horizons of the world.


The client captured highly intent customers at a seasonal cost lower than $5,100 total.


The market was dominated by our sophisticated approach to PPC. We kept the CPC lower than $8 while grasping an incredibly large market.


We averaged over 5 calls a day directly from our direct marketing offers.

When we added in calls from the website we created an averaged 9.2 calls per day. Additionally, we averaged 4 web form submissions per day.

We were able to outshine the big dogs while paying $4.02 a lead.


With a call and lead tracking system in place, We were able to bring a new customer to market with a minimal budget.


Ad Spend

Over 95 days we spent $5,050 on targeted exact phrase match search ads.


Impression Share

Beating big box stores and national competition thru a sophisticated solution.

Cost Per Lead

Webforms and calls combined to generate a healthy amount of leads for a new company.

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