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Face Jawn came to Juniper Group Media to build an eCommerce brand from the ground up. The company had evolved ties in the production line for medical PPE and, in response to the global shortage, could create high quality face masks swiftly. While the business motivation was sound, no materials or go-to-market plan existed. Essentially, the only business function we didn’t oversee was sourcing and shipping of the material product.

Brand Development
eCommerce Website
Paid Marketing

A Fresh Face

with a Local Idea.


A local face mask company focused on quality materials, local designs, and community gave birth to the brand titled Face Jawn.


With a fresh and unique approach, we focused on branding, product design, product strategy, website construction, ecommerce, marketing plans, content & execution, and all aspects of paid advertising.



Covid Protocols

Market Restrictions create difficulties for PPE products.


cost of entry

Credentialed competitors with a big wallet could force a high cost.


race against time

Solutions require a speedy turnover to stay proactive in the pandemic



Focusing on low cost, highly targeted branding saturation was the logical first step. Due to comparatively low product prices, it was paramount to maximize sales with a keen focus on the cost per customer acquisition. It was clear that data would drive decision making and a mastery of the local geo was necessary for success.

Face Jawn’s initial challenge was unique. The PPE space was more restricted than ever before with governmental and marketplace safeguards. After analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, our team was able to develop a market position and approach to complement the unique selling proposition.



brand identity

Building a brand model that resonates from product through strategy.


social impact

Community outreach is a key brand element and helps clarify purpose.


Amplify Message

Awareness + Product marketing cohesively maintain the brand vision.

Through our experience with other local brands, we knew the passionate Philly market would respond well to a ‘grassroots’ brand with a compassionate and ‘in-touch with the city’ model. While focusing on trendy local styles and quality products, we could engage sports fans and passionate Philadelphians, building brand loyalty and engaging a more organic awareness spread.

Unique grassroots marketing would help engage the Philly customer and kill the cold corporate feel we wanted to avoid.


Face Jawn’s eCommerce store needed to showcase the products and styles, while also telling the story and communicating our community mission. We needed to strengthen our vision for community involvement by tying Face Jawn to a ‘buy one, donate one’ model.


Our Marketing Strategy team set up a grassroots launch campaign focusing on awareness and building brand image.


To this day Face Jawn donates one mask to Philadelphia public schools for every mask purchased.




Overall sales growth monthover-month is the most inclusive metric.



eCommerce platform success is continually optimized to grow conversions.



Over 90 days our ads genereated a low cost aqcuisition value that we continued to drive down.


We paired our launch with a brand and product marketing campaign to create a sophisticated plan which drives impact at every phase of the funnel. By leveraging key local events, and digital d2c placements aimed at driving sales, we exceeded both audience and sales goals within the first 60 days and continued that growth month-over-month.


From launch to 20K in monthly revenue in 90 days.

Once our business plan for Face Jawn was fully realized, success quickly followed. Within 3 months a business venture evolved into a sustainable, profitable operation… and the community benefited along the way.

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