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A clean, user-friendly, mobile responsive, convertible website is the goal. That’s what we provide. We follow all HIPPA guidelines and regulations to ensure your data and privacy is secured. Juniper can integrate all leads directly into your CRM and even track calls and web submissions so you know how your site is performing. Couple a beautiful site design by Juniper Group Media with a strong SEO and Advertising strategy and you’ll corner the market and expand your practice. Contact us today to join the group.

Latest Techniques

At Juniper Group Media we stay ahead of the curve, We were the first agency in the country to be given access to the latest Vox Media platform; which allows us to advertise locally on major media outlets.

Innovative Technology

Our data driven mindset drives our campaigns and verticals. We are constantly monitoring all platforms to responsibly spend and deliver a high return on your investment.

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We have been doing this for a long time, so we know how to drive leads and convert users. Our experts are dedicated to you and this purpose. and are available for consult & questions 24/7.

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Building SEO weight with Google to organically appear in the top search results takes time. Discover how Juniper gets you there.

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Auto communication systems in house and integrated with remarketing efforts to maxamize effeciency.

Don’t Forget to Floss!

Juniper Tech Team provides VOIP and IT Network solutions at competitive rates to Verizon and Comcast. We can get you out of your contract.

Dental Advertising for The Whole Practice

We segment each speacialty and target our customers with extreme precision. We’ll put you on marketing verticals your cometitors would only dream of.


Adult Care


Child Care


Orthodontic Care

Juniper Group: A Full Service Dentistry Marketing Agency

It’s a competitive field out there, especially now. Practices are fighting for every last patient. Are you positioned online appropriately? We know how to operate effectively in this space and convert leads into patients. If you are looking to grow your roster – patient or partner – you’ve come to the right place. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Dental Marketing Cheat Sheet.

Do you guys have video options or run commercials on TV?

Yes. Juniper Group has former television network producers and video editors on staff, so your product is top of the line. We’ll also handle all the ad buys and tie it into our digital campaigns.

What about Radio ads?

Yes. we can write, record, and air on any station across your market. We also suggest running on streaming platforms as well.

I like old school mailers and paper products, can you do that?

Y100%. In fact we have wholesale relationships that we pass onto on clients for these services, we dont think you can find a better price. 

Do you provide phones and internet service as well?

Yes. The Juniper Tech Team can get you online and connected at comparable rates, and with a real representative you can speak with.

What's the number one platform to advertise on?

Google. Bar none. But creating an effective (and affordable) campaign is what we do best. Our active management is how we keep the spend responsible.

My friend advertises on google and it doesn't work...why?

Beyond active managment and inside baseball knowledge, their website is likely the culprit. You can lead a horse to water, but with Juniper our horses drink.

Can you set up our email and is it HIPPA compliant?

Absolutely, we have done full migrations to brand new existing launches. We can handle any email issue you may have.

How do I track our success?

Juniper has a live reporting tool on every campaign, so you can log in and check at any time.

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