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We Have Everything You Need to Develop an Efficient Marketing Strategy.

Here at Juniper Group, we aim to be your first and only stop in pursuit of growing your business. Instead of hiring a number of firms for your various marketing needs, we consolidate web design, social media campaigning, and advertising strategies into one operation. We deploy our marketing strategies on several fronts. Our design elements and marketing analysis tools are aimed at maximizing your reach and increasing your call volume which will deliver actionable leads that are easily converted into sales.

Our team is intimately familiar with all social media platforms. We will use these outlets to grow your brand and increase your exposure. As a result, your budget will grow allowing you to increase your staff,

Meet The Team

John Venner

John Venner

Founder & CEO

John Venner is a founding member of Juniper Group Media, Juniper Tech Team, Venco Video, and DiTVideo. He started his career in video production in 2004 with a self produced boxing event at The Legendary Blue Horizon which aired on Comcast Sportsnet. From there he Produced and Directed reality and documentary programs for networks like A&E, NBC, Travel Channel, DIY Network, Golf Channel and more. John launched DiT Video in 2011 which quickly became a useful tool in the growing social media marketplace. After speaking at NYC’s Annual Social Media Strategy Summit he found his way into the web design and marketing community. It was then he founded Juniper Group Media. Ever since his focus has been delivering the best service and highest return for his clients.   John is also an avid golfer, Pearl Jam fan, and competitive darts champion in the greater Philadelphia Region. 

Christian Hess

Christian Hess

Director of Marketing

Christian Hess devotes his professional career to making good companies more profitable. An MBA: Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and an array of professional certifications helps provide a foundation, while his experience with various businesses assists in tailoring a blueprint for success. He has built, executed, and continually managed successful marketing plans for companies spanning healthcare organizations with 9-figure valuations to local community focused home services. Christian’s workflow is heavily influenced by the orchestration of deep dives into consequential data that aligns with ROI. Christian is passionate about finding the marketing and advertising formulas that makes your business the most money… and also the movie Kindergarten Cop.

Zach Cundiff

Zach Cundiff

Director of SEO

Zach Cundiff graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Marketing. He uses that highly specialized knowledge to ensure his sites and accounts are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Zach previously spent 10 years working for a large bank but found the digital media environment better suited to his strengths.  In addition to perfecting his websites and pleasing clients, Zach enjoys a nice round of golf, as well as fast pitch and slow pitch softball in his spare time.

Thomas Felder

Thomas Felder

Thomas Felder is a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree with a focus in English. He spent the majority of his professional career with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority as a Contract Administrator. He negotiated multimillion dollar contracts for the Authority; including Auditory Services, Financial Advisory Services, and Architectural and Engineering contracts to name a few. Always interested in tech and marketing, Tom leveraged his experience at SEPTA into a critical role at Juniper where he creates and executes online marketing strategy and services our clients with 5-diamond level attention. Tom is an avid dart player shooting in leagues throughout Philadelphia. 

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